203 N. Maple St, Unit 9
Simpsonville, SC 29680

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Hourly Cleanings
at this time we are NOT accepting one-time cleaning work
we apologize for any inconvenience

One-Time OR Move-In/Move-Out

Customize a cleaning that is right for you!  Tell us your budget, which rooms and tasks matter most and what your project time frame is and we will customize a cleaning to suit your needs.  We will take your budget and divide by our $35 per cleaner per hour worked labor rate to determine how long we can stay.  We will start at the top of your priority list and work our way down until we finish or run out of time.  

** 3 labor hour minimum in our service area please

*** 1 labor hour is 1 person working one hour on the clock

***We always send 2-3 technicians to complete the work.  


$210 budget= we will send 3 technicians for 2 hours each (6 labor hours)