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Our Policies

We ask all customers to please review and agree to these three policies before beginning service.  It is our goal to ensure every customer has their preferred day and time, an accurate ETA so they can plan their day and the lowest rate possible.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Cancellation Policy

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Lock Out Policy

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Initial Visit Fee

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CANCELLATION FEE:  A cancellation policy was put into effect to encourage clients to communicate when they do not need our help.  Cancellations that are communicated after the deadline cause "gaps" in our schedules where cleaning technicians sit on the clock waiting for their next appointment.  We can not always run early as some customers can not accept us early due to nap times, conference calls, sleep schedules, etc.  The $50 fee covers our employees to sit and wait on the next appointment without inconveniencing the customers in queue after the cancellation. 


What does the cancellation policy say?

Monday clients-cancel by 8:00 am Sunday

Tuesday clients-cancel by 8:00 am Monday

Wednesday clients-cancel by 8:00 am Tuesday

Thursday clients-cancel by 8:00 am Wednesday

Friday clients-cancel by 8:00 am Thursday


What is the cancellation fee?  We regrettably charge a $50 fee if we receive a cancellation after the deadline.  Please understand this is not our preference.  We would prefer that you not have to pay this fee.


LOCK-OUT FEE: If we schedule your home and arrive there to find no key has been left, no one is there to let us in or the code provided no longer works we will charge a $50 Lock-out fee to cover the cost of labor driving out to your home, the gas we used to get there and the work we could have scheduled in your place. We recommend that our clients hide a key on their property and not tell us where it is.  When we get locked out the owner of The Cleaning Lady will call you and ask for the hiding spot.  We want to help you avoid this fee.


INITIAL VISIT FEE:  All new clients are asked to please kindly pay 2x their quoted rate during their first visit to cover the additional time to thoroughly clean your home, "hit the reset button", and meet your expectations.  If your home has been built in the past 30 days we will gladly waive this fee.  Any customer who has more than 8 weeks between visits will be asked to repay this fee.

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